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What’s new in version 7.4.25 of the Google Play Store


Google Play Store is probably the most important application that the giant Mountain View has on Android. No one can deny that it is the application that provides content to Google’s mobile operating system.

play store


So it is not surprising that Play Store is one of the applications that receives more periodic updates. Both transparently, to the end user and with important new features that do translate into perceptible improvements for users and developers.

In this article, we’ll talk about what’s new with this version of the Google Play Store. This is the Google Play Store version 7.4.25.


New tab: My Apps

The source code for the new version of the Play Store reveals that there will be important news in the “My Apps” tab. This is one of the most used sections of the Google store. From where we can consult the applications that we have installed, update them and uninstall them.


/ layout / myappstabcontentv2.xml

/ layout / myappstabv2.xml

/ layout / playcardmyappsv2.xml

New features include, for example, increased filtering and sorting options for installed applications. Which include from alphabetical order to more interesting options. Just like the size, the last time each app was used or the last ones that were updated. The latter is an option that we already had in part but is now featured on the top.

String name = ” sortdialogtitle ” > Sort By

String name = ” sorttypealphabetical ” > Alphabetical

String name = ” sorttypelastupdated ” > Last Updated

String name = ” sorttypelastusage ” > Last Used

String name = ” sorttypesize ” > Size

With this, it will be easier to identify the installed applications with greater weight in memory. Those that we never use or those that have been left to their fate by the developer. Something that usually does not like the users.

Possibility to filter in time evaluations and statistics

Surely this is a new option for developers. But in Play Store 7.4 it will be easy to see the statistics of an application in a certain period. With a selector that will allow us to see valuations and statistics for the last 30 days, 3 months or 6 months.

String name =” reviewstatistics30daystitle ” > Last 30 days

String name = ” reviewstatistics3monthstitle ” > Last 3 months

String name = ” reviewstatistics6monthstitle ” > Last 6 months

Authorizations for family purchases, finally remote

Google introduced one of the best Google Play Store options in May 2016. This is none other than the possibility of sharing our applications with up to six relatives. As long as the developer activates that possibility for their payment applications.

However, control of family plans still left a lot to be desired. One of the most requested options for users of this new familiar Google Play option was the possibility of authorizing remote purchases.

With the new version 7.4, Google Play will enable an option for the owner of the payment medium. Configured in the store to be able to remotely authorize content purchases. As well as block, for example, all in-app purchases or direct from the Store.

The benefit is more than clear. It is no longer necessary for both family members to be physically together to buy an application. Nor is it necessary for the owner of the payment medium to directly buy the applications with his family’s smartphones. You can directly manage all this remotely.

Google Play Games is a must

The latest news about Google Play Store 7.4 will not appeal to everyone. As of that version, the installation of Play Games becomes essential. Even if the user does not use the services of the Google Play games platform.

We assume that the Google Play Games notice will tell the user to install it before proceeding with the installation of a game. Although this is not too clear seeing the code:

String name = ” gamesdownloadrequired ” > To continue, you need the latest Play Games app

Undoubtedly, this is a Play Store update loaded with new things that will soon reach your devices automatically. But if you want to try it, try with the next link: