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Google Play Pass

Have you ever heard about recurring subscription services? Even if you haven’t ever heard about that, the most possible is you’ve hired, at least once, one of the most famous services of that category as Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation Plus, or Apple Arcade.

Recently, this new strategy has gained so much relevance in the entertainment market; Google is aware of it. For this reason, they have decided to launch their video game platform of periodic subscription: Google Play Pass. Next, we explain what it is, which are its best games, how to acquire the subscription, and, of course, whether or not it is worth doing.


    What is Google Play Pass?

    As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, Google Play Pass is a recurring subscription service (or monthly/yearly subscription), which means that, in exchange for periodic billing, the user can get access to a great collection of games and applications from the Google Play Store.

    In this sense, Google Play Pass is an entertainment service similar to Apple Arcade (differing only in the variety and exclusivity of games and apps offered by its catalog).

    How much does Google Play Pass cost?

    The most surprising thing about Google Play Pass is not its great catalog of games and apps, nor the fact that you can share the benefits of the subscription with up to five members of the family group (which you have previously configured in Google). The most surprising thing about Google Play Pass is its incredible price: $ 4.99 per month or $ 29.99 per year.

    What benefits do you get with Google Play Pass?

    In exchange for $4.99 per month or $29.99 per year, you can access an incredible catalog of games and applications from Google Play. It should be noted that this access is complete; in other words, for practical purposes, it will be as if you had bought the game or the application (yes, you will get rid of the annoying advertising).

    Best Google Play Pass Games

    It’s time to talk about video games, the highlight of Google Play Pass. Let’s start at the beginning: finding an unforgettable game within a catalog of more than 350 titles can be difficult and annoying, but don’t worry. We have prepared for you a list of the best 15 Google Play Pass games; here is what we present:

    1. Dead Cells (category: | Rating: 4.5/5☆)
    2. Monument Valley 2 (category: puzzle | rating: 4.8/5☆)
    3. Wayward Souls (category: action & adventure | rating: 4/5☆)
    4. Mini Metro (category: simulation | rating: 4.6/5☆)
    5. Stardew Valley (category: role | rating: 4.7/5☆)
    6. This is the Police (category: role | rating: 4.7/5☆)
    7. Star Wars: KOTOR (category: role | rating: 4.4/5☆)
    8. Infamous Machine (category: point-and-click | rating: 4.6/5☆)
    9. This War of Mine (category: simulation| rating: 4.3/5☆)
    10. Pocket City (category: simulation | rating: 4.5/5☆)
    11. Thimbleweed Park (category: adventure & crime solve | rating: 4.6/5☆)
    12. Portal Knights (category: adventure | rating: 4.2/5☆)
    13. Limbo (category: adventure | rating: 4.5/5☆)
    14. Dumb Ways to Die 2 (category: minigames | rating: 4.4/5☆)
    15. Terarria (category: adventure | rating: 4.6/5☆)

    How to use Google Play Pass

    In case you have already decided to give Google Play Pass a try, the following guide will be helpful for you:

    1. Slide the applications menu of your smartphone and open the Google Play app.
    2. Sign in with the Google Play account where you want to purchase a Google Play Pass subscription.
    3. Slide the left side menu and tap the Play Pass tab.
    4. The Google Play Pass registration screen will open before you. At this point, you can make two decisions:
      1. Tap the Get Started button to start your registration with a free first month, adding a recurring billing of $5 each month.
      2. Tap the $29.99/year subscription link to save up to 50% with the annual subscription.
    5. Regardless of the type of subscription you chose in the previous step, you will be redirected to the payment method page.
    6. Once you have completed the registration and payment, a new section will appear at the bottom of Google Play: Play Pass. By clicking on this option, you will be able to access the catalog of games and applications offered by Play Pass.

    Remember: You can cancel recurring billing for Google Play Pass by canceling your subscription before the charge is automatically debited at the beginning of the month.

    Is Google Play Pass worth it?

    It depends on the type of user you want to purchase the subscription. For example, if you identify with the kind of gamer who likes to try a different game daily, Google Play Pass can be an excellent option.

    Contrarily, if you identify yourself as a purist gamer, in other words, one who would devote thousands of hours to a single game, perhaps, Google Play Pass wouldn’t be the ideal choice for you.