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How to fix Download Pending Error in Google Play Store

In this post, we’ll show you the various methods on how to fix the download pending error in Google Play Store which is regularly encountered in Android devices.

Google Play Store is Android’s market place to download Apps, Games, Music, Videos and even Magazines for the users. These Apps or application can either be free or paid. So probably many users will download multiple Apps and games to try them out.

Also these apps are not static (i.e. there is always an update to the app with new features or bug fixes). In this case, you need to connect to Internet and get the apps updated via Google Play Store. During this process, one of the frequently faced issue is the download pending error in Play Store. Below are some of the methods by which this error can be resolved.

Fix Download Pending Error by Restart of Google Play Store App

Sometime for most of the issues in Android, a simple close and open action of App will fix it. So, when faced with download pending message for long time without any progress, first close the Google Play Store App. Then Switch Off/On Wi-Fi or data connection -> Open Google Play Store App.

Fix Download Pending Error by Clearing Data

Due to frequent usage, sometimes the Google Play Store App stores more than necessary cache data which could impact the update process on the Apps. To clear this:

  1. Go to Settings Menu of your Android Device.
  2. Select ‘All Apps’ option -> choose ‘Google Play Store’ App.

How to Fix Download Pending Error in Google Play Store

Here there will be two buttons to ‘Clear data’ and ‘Clear Cache’. Do the same.

  1. Then Force close the app by pressing the ‘Stop Forcefully’ button in the same screen.
  2. Now got back to App menu and open Play Store App. Then try downloading or updating Apps.

Fix Download Pending Error by Uninstall Updates

Like all other Apps in Play Store, Google Play Store App itself goes through various updates from time to time. Some of this update has tendency to impact your downloading or updating of apps. To resolve this, try removing the latest updates alone from the App by following below steps:

  1. Go to Settings Menu -> Select ‘All Apps’ option.
  2. Choose ‘Google Play Store’ App. Here you’ll have ‘Uninstall Updates’ button beside the ‘Stop Forcefully’ button on devices running Android 6 or more.
  3. For other old versions, there will be 3-dot menu on Top-right corner. Click it and select ‘Uninstall Updates’.

Fix Downloading Pending Error by Reinstall of Play Store

Apart from Google, we can also install Android Apps and games from external websites. When faced with this issue and not able to reinstall the Google Play Store App in App Store itself, you can download the Play Store APK file (setup file) from our website.

After uninstalling the existing Play Store App in device, install the new version from the downloaded setup file. Make sure option ‘Install Apps from Unknown sources’ is checked. This can be found in Settings -> Security path in your device.

Fix Downloading Pending Error by Factory Reset option

If only all the above methods didn’t work for you and there is no other option available, go for this. Factory Reset option will completely erase all your data and apps installed in phone. The reset will make your phone fresh and will be like using it for the first time. Storage and settings will be defaulted as well, with only Google specific apps present.

After providing your Google Account details in Settings -> Account Menu. Open the Play Store App and the download pending Error will be gone. All the Apps under your account will be automatically reinstalled in to your device.

These are various ways to fix download pending error in Google Play Store. Based on the cause of the issue, one of these methods should easily resolve the issue.

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